The History Society Committee

Meet Our Team For 2016-17

C0-President – Becky Khan

Hi everyone, as the History Society’s President for 2016/17 it’s going to be my aim to make it a happy space of support and inclusion.

While continuing to honour the traditions of p11973814_10204930102241268_1086092452_oub crawls and fabulous academic events, we will be working to make the society a place where you truly feel at home during your time at uni! By holding student drop-ins we want to make your voices and concerns heard. Making our events more regular than ever before, we want to provide a structure that can be so hard to find in the big city.

As a woman of mixed heritage I find that pushing history beyond its traditional (male and Eurocentric) gaze is how we learn the most. My interests lie in gender history, as well as post-colonial history and stories of migration. While I love my studies, I am a TV addict. First years, serious advice here, Game of Thrones counts as revision for your Medieval classes, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

To sum up, uni can be hard, and lonely, but I hope that through the work that our fab committee do this year we can help to make it happier and build a little community based on our mutual history geekiness.

Co-President – Charlotte Taylor


Marketing & Communications Officer – Ben Roff

Hello, I am the Marketing & Communications Officer for 2016/17. Yes that means I’m the one to blame when you get annoyed at the barrage of Facebook notifications, Twitter Picture4posts, or emails. Basically I’ll try to do everything you’ve come to expect, with an occasional element of surprise.

There is a myth that I don’t like history, but no matter how many people try to spread it, I do like the Tudor period, working class social history, and more specifically sport or cultural history. If you ever need me, and its unlikely, I’ll probably be the one on the 8th floor or in the on BBC Sport, whilst everyone else is working! I could say more, but you get the general idea.

If you have any ideas for what we can do this year, feel free to email me at !

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Treasurer – Ruth Dunstan

Hi guys, I’m Ruth and I’m going to be treasurer of the society this year! I’m a proud northerner with a love for badminton, baking, dogs, the countryside and Manchester United. I’ve spent most of my time as a history student trying to stay out of Europe and within the twentieth century as much as possible, which has lead to my main interests now being in the post-colonial Middle East and Africa.



My advice to you freshers – don’t stress over how much reading there is to do! I spent way too many late nights in first term pulling my hair out over those medieval sources – it all works out fine so make time for history socials instead! Hopefully we can create a real sense of community in the society whether you’re a history student or just looking for someone to discuss your penchant for Romans or whatever else with

Social Secretary – Helen Atkinson

Hi I’m Helen and I’m one of the social secretaries for 2016/17. My aim is to increase the amount of socials for the history society, and to work closely with the academic officer 13407069_10209819255302317_629965778829403498_nto create fun events after academic socials, as well as standalone freshers events. I am particularly interested in gender history but mainly working class history.

My favourite film is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window as I love classic films. Being Welsh I obviously love the rugby and Welsh history so there will be six nations viewing parties, which I will somehow relate to history in some way. If you have any ideas for socials or want to know any information about events going on throughout the year please do not hesitate to say hi.

Social Secretary – Annabel Mahoney

annabelI’m a third year student and also half of your fabulous social secretary team for this year. Outside of being a nerd and throwing parties, my pastimes include cats and the eating of bread.

I hope you have a wonderful time in the History Society this year, and if there’s anything we can do to make it even more wonderful, please just email me at!

Academic Officer – Tom Murray

 Hi, I’m Tom, and I’ll be your Academic Officer this year. 2016/17 will be my final year studying History at King’s. My specific historical interest is in European colonialism, atomnd especially the development of settler societies in North America, Australia, and elsewhere. My final year dissertation will be concerned with this, focusing on the American Revolution.

As the Society’s Academic Officer, I hope to build on the event schedule established last year, as well as increasing the number and range of events we host, including panel discussions and trips outside of King’s. I’m also very open to ideas from history students for potential events – feel free to get in touch ( Looking forward to some great events this year!

Muse Magazine Editor – Emily Jane Nicolle

Hello everyone! I’m Emily and I’ll be your MUSE Editor in Chief for the upcoming year. 11998549_10152931197581571_170129161_nI was a History major as an undergraduate doing my Lib Arts degree, and am now studying a Masters in Theology. It’s my second year as your Editor, and hope to bring MUSE to bigger and better things!

Outside of MUSE, you’ll find me in the Waterfront or training as a part of KCL United Nations Association. At MUSE we welcome articles on a wide range of topics, so never hesitate to send us a pitch, even on something unusual. You can reach us at our email or on the MUSE website. I hope you have a great time at King’s, and look forward to seeing you all soon at our events!

Find out more about Emily and Muse on their page!

Deputy Editor of Muse – Nick Naylor