Muse Magazine (January 2015)

Start the new year with MUSE Magazine’s second issue of the 2014-2015 academic year!

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Brought to you, of course, by our MUSE editors, Xenia Rakovshik and Louis Mignot.

Samuel Higson talks King’s, Christmas and Blackadder with our very own Dr Lucy Kostyanovsky.

Barney Hagan celebrates one of England’s forgotten naval commanders, George Anson.

Jonathan Andrews delves into Tangible History with Queen Eleanor’s Cross.

Read about Linguistics of Ireland and Britain from author of ‘Kartvelian Ireland & Britain’, Artem Ivantsov.

Xenia Rakovshik explores Building Memory at Brick Lane, Diana Gaúri discusses Ukraine Beyond the Conflict, and Emilian Gega reviews the film, The Imitation Game.



MUSE Magazine (September 2014)

The first issue of MUSE Magazine of the 2014-2015 academic year has arrived!

First Issue of MUSE 2014

Brought to you by our MUSE editors, Xenia Rakovshik and Louis Mignot.

Featuring an introduction to the new History Society Committee, an interview with Professor Peter Heather and a cover of some of London’s historical gems!

Articles from new MUSE contributors George Clough, Megha Harish, Barney Hagan and Tom Golding, and previous MUSE contributors Sam Higson, Indigo Ellis, Oscar Davies, Emilian Gega and Cleo Pollard.