KCL History Society Election – Committee Positions


Do you want to be part of one the oldest, largest, and most prestigious societies in King’s?Our annual general meeting (AGM) will be held on Monday 27th March; this is your chance to go down in King’s History, and join the History Society Committee!

Applications open immediately, and will remain open until Monday 20th March at midnight, with voting open for the following week.

Email us at kclhistorysociety@outlook.com, with three key points for your vision for the society, with your preferred role in mind. The list of committee positions are below:

– Ultimately accountable to students and all other stakeholders for all actions of the KCL History Society;
– Responsible for management of the Society;
– Maintains or improves the Society’s relationships with existing sponsors and actively seeks to develop relationships with new sponsors;
– Represents the society as department events when needed (open days etc.)
– Chairs committee meetings; delegates tasks to other committee members as needed;
– Responsible for maintaining regular communication with staff and students through email and Facebook pages.
– Support all committee members in their roles.

– Helps on any matter for which the President or other committee members require assistance
– Directly works with President in maintaining communications with society
– Attends events in lieu of President or other committee members.
– Assists and aids in communications with the department and organization of events.
– Oversees and assists in running of the Christmas Ball with the Social Secretaries.

– is responsible for managing the Society’s finances;
– provides financial analysis and advice concerning budget allocation;
– raises funds for the Society before the commencement of and during the new academic year
– Responsible for regular payment returns.
– Will develop key skills in Exchequer Live and work closely with the Union.

Marketing Officer
– maintains awareness of the Society;
– send regular email newsletters, advertising events;
– updates the Twitter feed, the Facebook page and the website as needed;
– is responsible for managing the Facebook page inbox and for the website maintenance;
– organises all events for which he or she is the responsible
– Sets up advertisement for all events (facebook, posters etc.)

Social Secretaries x2
– responsible for the organising of all social events.
– responsible for adequate promotion of events and prior to date, working closely with Marketing officer.
– Staying in contact with the department to book events well in advance of date.
– Responsible for organising annual Christmas Ball

Academic Officer
– Organise and co-ordinate academic events, putting the history into History Society.
– Liaise with members of the department, both academic and administrative, to arrange events for students and staff alike.
– Work with the undergraduate admissions team to arrange and participate in departmental open days.
– Integrate college-wide programs and initiatives into the History Society’s activity schedule.

History Society Magazine Editors x2
– Responsible for our long standing magazine.
– Actively seek new writers, and work with them to produce articles on historical subject snad current affairs.
– Maintain website, http://kcl-musemagazine.tumblr.com/ and increase awareness.


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