Last Year’s Commitee


Our 2015 – 2016 Team 

President Joe Carroll

Hello, I’m Joe and I’m in my final year of studying History at Kings and will be your President for the year. My interests in History lie in the modern and medieval periods with a focus on political and military history, and some of my favourite topics include Napoleon, the Cold War and the Roman Empire which I will be doing my dissertation on later this year. I also am very interested in International Relations and am an active member of King’s United Nations Association.

This year I promise to make History at King’s the best it can possibly be for the students, both in and out of the classroom. To achieve this I will make sure that the views of the students are represented directly to the department and encourage feedback, while also increasing the social aspects of the society with academic events and leading the collective charge through the historic pubs of London. I look forward to working with all the History students this year!

Vice President Alex Collin

As VP of the history society I do a little of everything so feel free to get in touch with questions you have about the society or the department.

I’m also head of ISHA London, our local branch of the International Students of History Association, which provides opportunites for students to attend conferences and publish their work.

I hope you all have a good year and I look forward to meeting more of you in person.

Marketing Officer Neha Khaliq

Marketing Officer Neha Khaliq

Returning as Marketing Officer this year, I make sure everyone gets to hear as much about History Soc events and information as possible, spreading the word! I handle all of the social media, including this website, Facebook, Instagramand Twitter. I’m in my third and final year, focusing on British Imperial Policy, Nations and the Middle East. Aside from History, I’m crazy about music and on air at KCL Radio with my show The Philadelphia Stories. My advice to freshers: savour this year, it’s going to be amazing and it goes by so quickly!

Don’t miss the features on our website – History Around KCL updated every week with the amazing historical places around our campus, as well as our magazine MUSE, theHistory Outreach Programme, and now ISHA London!

Treasurer Safiyah Islam

Hi, I’m returning this year as KCL History Society’s Treasurer. I’m in my final year of reading history and have studied a range of topics including the history of Western political ideas, society in medieval Europe and the rise and fall of the British Empire. In addition to my involvement in HistSoc, I’m also the Media Officer for KCL Environment Society, a Project Leader at Enactus KCL and a member of KCL Debating and Law for Non-law societies.

My main piece of advice for freshers is to be bold and out-going, and to try out as many of the extra-curricular opportunities that King’s has to offer as you can. Best of luck and do get in touch if you have any questions, big or small!

Social Secretary Ellie Clifford

Hello! My name is Ellie and I’m one of your four social secretaries (if you haven’t figured it out by now, the society REALLY loves a good social).

I’m a third year History student with a penchant for the study of politics and society in Victorian Britain.

This year we’re hoping to hold loads of different events ranging from nights out, to collaborative events with our academic officer too! My advice to any of you who are new to King’s is to get involved and make your mark!

Social Secretary Scott McSherry

There’s a new McSherrif in town. Described as a lover, a gentleman and a rogue, I will tirelessly endeavour to bring more Smirnoff Ice (Smice) to the students of History at KCL and more generally facilitate stronger links between the 8th Floor, Waterfront Bar and Walkabout.

Check out our upcoming social events here!

Social Secretary Scott McSherry

Social Secretary Becky Khan

Heya, I’m Becky, a second year History student and part of the great team of social secs this year.

My aim is to make the society truly feel like a little family of history geeks and we’ve got some great, new events planned for you all. So I can’t wait to see you there!

Check out our upcoming social events here!

Social Secretary Becky Khan

Social Secretary Kieran Brocken

Hi everyone, my name is Kieran and I am one of your Social Secretaries this year.

Alongside my Assistant, Scott McSherry, we will be planning a lot of good stuff throughout the year that will hopefully make your time here as enjoyable as possible!

Any queries you may have, feel free to message me

Social Secretary Kieran Brocken

Academic Officer Laura Channing

Hi, I’m Laura and I will be your academic officer this year. I’m in my final year studying History at King’s and my interests lie in the eighteenth and nineteenth century Atlantic economy with a focus on West African trade, slavery and the early American Republic in a global perspective. This year I’ll be writing my dissertation on the American Revolution.

As your academic officer, I’m hoping to expand the number and range of both formal and informal events we host, including lectures, discussions and careers events. I’ll also be teaming up with the social secretaries for trips to museums, galleries and a few historical pubs across London. Looking forward to seeing you all this term!

MUSE Magazine Editor Jack Downey Edwards

Hi, I’m Jack. I’m in my third year at KCL and am focusing on the history of medicine in the 20th century for my dissertation, as well as a separate dissertation on Kurt Cobain. I spend most of my free time writing or making music.

If you have ever been interested in journalism or getting your writing published, please feel free to contact Emily or I about writing for MUSE.

More from Jack and MUSE on their main page.

MUSE Magazine Editor Emily Jane Nicolle

Hi I’m Emily, and I’m one of your Muse editors for the upcoming year! I’m a third year History major from the Liberal Arts department, and I’m from the South West of England.

Jack and I have huge plans for Muse this year, and I hope you’ll all submit a piece for us at some point. If you need me, I’ll be in Waterfront.

More from Emily and MUSE on their main page.

MUSE Magazine Editor Emily Jane Nicolle

History Outreach President Guinevere Poncia

My name is Guinevere and I’m a second year historian here at King’s. When I’m not in the library, I’m foraging for food, and any other time is spent teaching debating or doing photography.

This year I’m president of the History Outreach Programme, which recruits volunteers to teach history in schools across London. This inspires students, enhances your CV, and is a lot of fun, so we’d love to see anyone and everyone involved in the programme this year!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, be it about Outreach or university life in general.

More from Guinevere and the History Outreach programme on their main page.

History Outreach Vice President Jack Cranston

Hi there, I am the incoming VP for History Outreach. My role involves keeping track of our finances, searching for private sponsors, and generally making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. I love cricket and travelling and am also a Brand Manager for the educational charity Teach First, who provide bespoke teacher training and networking opportunities to all of our participants. If you have any questions about Outreach please do just ask!

More from Jack and the History Outreach programme on their main page.


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