Treasurer Manifestos – History Society Elections 2016

Hey all!

We’ve almost got a complete set of Committee people for the coming year – we have Treasurer Elections coming up soon!

So before you cast your vote, check out your treasurer candidates’ manifestos here!

Keep an eye out for the voting page coming to a computer screen near you.

Maciej Mroz

I am currently a second year History student. My previous experience with finance includes being a Student officer at Sixth Form who was responsible for the Treasury and a two week work placement during my first year of studies. In College the duties of a Treasurer included: managing student finances, collecting money and organising events that contributed towards finances of the College as well as local charities. The most successful event that I have organised was the Charity Day at College. The Charity day secured £3000 for a local charity in Huddersfield. My second experience with finance occurred during the work placement at Dr.Reddies. During this placement I have been responsible for archival work, learning how to manage company’s finances and producing financial spreadsheets.
I believe my previous experience with finance makes me suitable for this role and I’m looking forward to hear back about this opportunity.

Thank You,

Ruth Dunstan

Although I was unsuccessful in my campaign to be vice-president, I am really keen to be a part of KCL History society next year and to help widen the reach of the society within not only the History department but amongst students from other departments as well. Managing and allocating finances for socials and to enable greater publicity of events and the society itself is clearly an integral part of this, and I would make a huge effort to explore potential avenues for raising further funds. This would be particularly useful in helping make events such as last year’s Christmas ball a success once again.

I also consider communication with other members of the committee to be of vital importance, as there needs to be clear understanding of how best to prioritize funds to maintain a solid presence through socials throughout the year.

I believe that my ability to communicate and work well with others as part of a team, as well as my organizational skills and motivation to increase the presence of the History society on campus would make me a valuable addition to next year’s committee as treasurer.

For a history student, I’m also pretty good at maths!

John Como

My name is John and I am a 2nd year undergraduate student at King’s working on my B.A. in War Studies and History. I have a deep passion for both history and war studies, especially how the facticity of history can inform the more theoretical aspects of war studies and vice versa. I am proud to have made King’s College London my academic home and I aspire to a scholarly career within the College.

I hope that the students of the Department of History will see it fit to make me their new society treasurer. I have ample past experience in student and youth led activities. For the past academic year (2015-2016) I have served as the treasurer of the War Studies Society. During that time, I have realised that any freshman treasurer of a society will spend the majority of the hours they devote to their role just learning how the payment system works (Exchequer Live) and becoming familiar with the finer points of the rules, regulations and procedures of the KCLSU finance system. Though KCLSU provides what training it can through the president and treasurer’s (PAT) training session, this one-day event is simply not sufficient to properly prepare the treasurers. They end up spending many hours of their own time just to become familiar with the basic workings of the system – time which otherwise could be devoted to improving their societies.

I want to bring my training and experience as War Studies Society treasurer to history for the good of the students, department and society. As someone who has already been in this role for a year, I am ready to get to the real work from Day 1. Besides working closely with the KCLSU finance office, I have managed expenditures in excess of 10,000 GBP for the War Studies Society and now I am ready to do that for the History Society. I have additional experience in youth-led organisation, being heavily involved in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) from 2009-2013, serving as both the chairman of the southern regional committee of EYP Sweden and the auditor of the Swedish national committee.

Vote John Como for treasurer – Vote for experience, passion and a better history society!



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