Committee Candidate Manifestos – History Society Elections 2016

Hello all History folks!

The time has come to elect your new committee, so before you cast your vote, check out your candidates’ manifestos right here.

Our AGM and End-of-term Social will be this Wednesday 6.30pm on the 8th Floor.

Be there to vote, and celebrate your committee! 

Voting is online. Look out for the Voting page coming to you soon.

Candidate for President

Becky Khan 

A sense of community is something I would be extremely dedicated to creating should I be elected President. Yes we are a society for history enthusiasts, but we have the potential to be even more. I would aim to build a society that is central to students experience at King’s, and help to combat the lack of structure of our course. I have divided my manifesto into three categories, areas I feel the society could really make a difference in for our members. These are ‘Support, Inclusion, Communication’.


  • Buddy System
    • I would work with the department to make the buddy system a more concrete and regular form of support, perhaps through holding buddy socials and encouraging regular communication from the older students.
  • Student Drop Ins
    • As a society we could utilise the students in older years, as we did with the ‘Societea’ event, to create a base of support for those struggling to get to grips with Kings academically.
  • Fresher’s support
    • Socials for just for fresher’s could be a great way to get them attending society events without the anxiety that big events may cause.


  • First Year and Post grad representatives on committee
  • Working with other societies at King’s
    • I would be especially keen to work with the Think Mental and Kings Players.
  • Sponsorship
    • I’d love to see the society gain more funding, and would actively seek to gain more sponsors throughout the year. With more funding we would be able to buy tickets for exhibits, keep our events cheap, and maybe even hold another ball (we all know I love a good ball!).


  • Posters and the notice board
    • A greater physical presence on the 8th floor and on notice boards around campus may improve our reputation with students on other courses, and give the society a more tangible presence on campus.
  • Timetable for events
    • I feel a structure of regular events would be a great way to build the societies popularity. Holding monthly pub socials for each year group would be an easy way to do this.

During my time on committee this year have proved my ability to see a task through, my organisational skills have improved, and honestly my uni experience has got better, and I truly feel this has been a result of pushing myself to get more involved. I have really come to care about the society this year, and the chance to lead the way in our continued success would be fantastic.

Candidates for Vice President

Ruth Dunstan

  • A variety of different, regular socials, including a greater presence of the society in Freshers Week.
  • More career-oriented and postgraduate themed events to give advice and guidance, including setting up links with alumni.
  • Improved ‘buddy system’ for Freshers to provide support straight away using social media and access to older students.
  • Create a greater sense of community within the department and History open space.
  • Book stalls for second and third years.

Charlotte Taylor

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I’m a second year History student here at KCL. I’m running to be Vice President of the History Society, and here are a few of my ideas that, if elected, I’d like to put into action:

  • Greater Involvement with Liberation History Month events – as the History Society, we should be far more involved with creating events surrounding each of the history months (eg. Black History Month, Women’s History Month and LGBT+ History Month) – for example, speaker events, film screenings and socials to celebrate these groups further!
  • More socials – The History Society could be a lot more active, and if elected, I’d try and have a lot more events and socials, particularly some themed ones – we could definitely have more dress up events as they’re always fun, especially in Fresher Week!
  • Introduction of Fresher Officer(s) – The History Society is elected in March for the following year, and so first years don’t get a chance to be on the committee until second year. By introducing fresher officers, it lets them get involved much quicker and engages the freshers more! (This will hopefully be elected in the December meeting.)
  • Monthly Committee Meetings – To make the society even more active, I’d hope to have monthly committee meetings to discuss and organise events each month – hopefully having at least two per month!
  • Greater co-operation with other societies – as History is such a wide discipline, the opportunity for crossover with societies such as the War Studies Society, the Classics Society and the Politics Society in terms of organising and hosting events is definitely an area I’d hope to develop to make our events and socials even bigger!

Thank you, and if you have any more queries about my policies or some of my other ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me through Facebook or 🙂

Candidates for Treasurer

(Re-open nominations)

Candidates for Marketing Officer

Benjamin Roff

  • Provide more information on the academic side of things, such as with modules,which the department doesn’t always do.
    • Try and produce some more interactive content such as videos of events that are run.
  • Promote and do events across the year that appeal to any year of student.
  • Work closely with the social secretaries and other officers to get as wide range of events as possible, seen to a wide audience.

Candidates for Social Secretaries

Alex Chappelow

Read his manifesto here.

Annabel Mahoney

Alongside keeping new elements such as the Ball and the Garden Party, my chief goals are to:

  • Establish an ice breaker session before, or perhaps prefacing, the pub crawl so people have the opportunity to get to know who is on the course before they get too drunk to remember (NB: also more friendly to students that don’t drink)
  • Establishing and normalizing introduction of pronouns alongside names (for all who are comfortable doing such) during initial icebreaker sessions to establish a friendlier environment for non binary and transgender students
  • Free regular film and documentary screenings
  • Reading groups for heavy academic texts (such as Orientalism, The Republic etc; if we’re going to suffer, we may as well suffer together) (provisionally) on Wednesdays at 1pm when lectures finish for the afternoon. This will also be open to societies with related reading (English, Geography, Classics etc) and will hopefully aid inter-society cohesion
  • (Potentially) A department play. Probably a lesser known text to be performed at the end of a semester (most likely second, as it’s the most dull). This could potentially intersect with the Outreach programme, with scenes or short sections going out alongside speakers to schools.

Additional information:

  • I have lots of cuddly toys I don’t mind bringing to throw at people during introductory sessions
  • I once fell down a flight of stairs without spilling my Guinness

Helen Atkinson

  • Explore varied ways of advertising of social events like social media and posters.
  • Film screenings that can add to certain modules e.g. Suffragette,  museum visits with potential discounts and theatre visits such as the globe theatre
  • Club nights or themed nights
  • Exam preparation help and revision sessions
  • Introduce  other pub crawls such as Wellington pubs
  • History quizzes with prizes and giving the opportunity for first years to submit social ideas

If you need any more information on my other policies not mentioned. Feel free to ask.

 Candidates for Academic Officer

Elena Barbaud

  • Make more use of Liberation History Months
  • Have at least one event focused on BME history – outside of Black History Month
  • Have skills developing workshops – including job and CV advice
  • More museum trips and site visits – inclusive of lectures
  • Have more screenings and debates – for students, lectures and guests

Tom Murray

  • Ensure that the Society’s events, both academic and social, become more regular (perhaps monthly), and varied (taking advantage of London’s many historical sites; free screenings of historical movies; debates/discussion of topical history; inviting prominent historians to King’s)
  • Making sure that Society’s academic events coincide with university events, including Liberation celebration months (Women’s, LGBT, Black History Months etc.) and themed weeks (such as the recent Brazil Week)
  • Work closely with the Social Secretaries to make sure academic and social events coincide – for example, a discussion panel followed by a pub crawl or event at Waterfront

Editor in Chief Muse Magazine

Emily Jane Nicolle (Current Muse Editor)

As your current MUSE editor, I’ve experienced a lot in running the magazine this year. It’s for this reason that I want to continue my work as your Editor in Chief. At the beginning of the semester I successfully relaunched MUSE with a new design and website, turning it into a more readable and accessible online platform than what we had previously. I also expanded the contributorship to outside of the History department, so that more students could get the opportunity to write and get published in such a competitive field. If elected again, I would make it my mission to now focus on getting MUSE as widely read as possible. This would include working with the Marketing officer on a PR strategy, and using my links with KCLSU to their utmost potential in order to raise readership. I would also continue my work in widening the types of articles we publish. This year I started up both a Reviews and a Current Affairs section to MUSE, and would like to increase the diversity of the work we publish. This would mean accepting more types of work from different students, such as those in the Film Studies department. I hope that you have all enjoyed my work so far, and will vote for me to continue this into 2016. Thank you for all your support!

Nicholas Naylor

This is my key points in relation to the editorship:

  • Most crucially, to increase awareness of the magazine itself. I, for one, was not aware of it until another candidate told me about it and I suspect many others were not aware of it as well.
  • To increase the variety of topics discussed within the magazine. This, of course, is not only the historical topics that should be explored within the magazine, but also the way they are discussed.
  • To encourage more contributions. People should not be obliged to contribute to the magazine on a regular basis, but ought to feel that they can contribute only once if they wish.

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