Committee Elections, KCLSU and End of Term Socials!

Hello our lovely members!

This is a very busy term for us all and we hope you are all coping well and wish you the best of luck for upcoming essays. This dispatch has a lot to cover so please read it carefully for some vital information!

As some of you may be aware, in March we hold our Annual General Meeting where we reflect on the year and most importantly elect our new committee. I hope many of you are keen to run for positions next year in the society to keep our good work going, and more information can be found in this email about deadlines and how to apply for a position. In addition, we will be hosting a giant social in conjunction with the AGM to celebrate brining in the new committee, and again more details of this will follow.

As a society we are officially endorsing our very own Cary Monz for the position of VP Welfare and Community for KCLSU next year. Cary’s tireless work to help the community of KCL has impressed many of us before, and we would love to give her the chance to continue her fantastic work, especially as she’s a fellow history student.

Finally we have a survey from the Department about Equality and Diversity. You will see this on our facebook pages too, but we kindly ask you all to fill it in if you have the time.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you through March!


History Society Committee Elections and End of Term Social

We hope many of you are interested in running for positions on the History Society Committee for next year!
Applications are officially open, until Friday 18th March.
Please forward your applications to
After this you will have one week to campaign until we all convene for the AGM!

Our Annual General Meeting will be on Friday 25th March, where we will elect our new committee. We will also be hosting a huge End of Term Social to celebrate the new committee after the AGM – finishing off the term in true form, a Pub Crawl and last Friday at the Waterfront!

Important dates to know –
Application Deadlines: Friday 18th March
Committee Elections & End of Term Social: Friday 25th March

Details on Committee Positions here: KCL History Society Committee Positions

Cary Monz for VP Welfare and Community

We are so pleased to announce our official endorsement as the History Society of one of our own – Cary Monz for the position of VP Welfare and Community for KCLSU!
Check out her manifesto here. Support her campaign on Facebook.
Voting opens 7th March to 10th March! VOTE CARY!12804893_1071893879522467_4132901087557502736_n

History Department’s Equality and Diversity Student Opinion Survey

Please can you spare 15 minutes of your time to fill in the Department of History’s new Equality and Diversity Student Opinion Survey? This is a serious attempt by the department to find out how students regard its culture and teaching practices. Findings will be used to develop an action plan for improving equality and diversity.

The survey will be open from Monday 22nd February to Wednesday 9th March.
Just follow the link: https://www . surveymonkey . co . uk/r/M37PFWY




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