KCL History Society Committee Elections!

Folks! It’s that time of year again, time for you to elect your new History Society Committee!

Would you like to be a part of History Society next year? Applications are officially open! You have until Sunday 15th March 6pm to forward your application to kclhistorysociety@outlook.com.

You will then have one week and one week only to campaign. More details will be provided for this part of the election process.

An outline of the various positions available to you can be found here – KCL-History-Society-Positions

You can find more information see Facebook page, and Facebook groups (KCL History Society, and KCL History Freshers 2014-2015), and follow our Twitter posts!

Good luck all!


Your History Society Committee 2014-2015

President Kristjana Çaka

Vice President Cameron Spencer

Treasurer Safiyah Islam

Marketing Officer Neha Ravail Khaliq

Social Secretaries Sophie Leseberg Smith & Surya Elango

Academic Officer Igor Musienko

MUSE Magazine Editors Louis Mignot & Xenia Rakovshik


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