Made From History: Calling Aspiring Writers and Historians!

Calling all aspiring writers, and all historians in general! A message from our friends at Made From History – a brilliant start up website devoted to History in interesting ways: 

Made From History is an online start-up designed to promote History in relevant and imaginative ways, as well as to provide young historians with a platform for their work.

We are looking for article contributions from students. We are open to any proposal, but if you can create something with strong contemporary relevance that would be favoured. Also, if possible your article should be based upon a graded piece of work.

There is scope for further paid work after an initial submission.

This is also an excellent opportunity to supplement your CV, and show-off your work to a large audience! Check out our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

If you’d like to contribute, or have any queries, please register your interest here. You can also get in touch at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Made For History

Made From History KCL History Society




Contact: and


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