Careers Opportunities via History Department!

‘Day for New Research Students’ in History

TUESDAY, 30th September

The Institute of Historical Research is delighted to announce its annual Day for New Research Students. Open to all students beginning historical research at any UK university, the day will introduce the many services and facilities offered by the Institute, including its unparalleled programme of research seminars, its publications, websites and research training courses, and its open access library. Participants will be guests of the IHR for lunch before hearing a full programme of talks showing how the Institute can help them with their work (please see details).

The Tab: Journalism Opportunity

Do you love listicles? Care about crafting clickbait? Adore annoying alliteration? Do you corner people at house parties and tell them about Israel/Palestine? Then we don’t want you at The Tab.

We cover the stories students care about, in a style they want to read. Good writing is based on saying something new, so we only focus on things that happen inside the student bubble. If you want to be responsible for creating articles people actually want to read, we’d love to have you involved. We’re the only place where you can get professional journalists to look over your work, and if you’re really good, we’ll pay you. It’s this kind of skill-set people in the real world value. And, when you’re ready to sell out, we can even help you get a job. Just this summer we’ve bagged students paid work at The Spectator, the Evening Standard, The Independent, and yes, even BuzzFeed – not to mention at Tab HQ. We also hold journalism training events with The Telegraph and sponsor an MA at City University.

It took half an hour to write this, so please get in touch, even if it’s just to tell us what you thought.

Please? Email or fill out the form here:

Jisc Collections

Jisc Collections is funded by the higher and further education sector in the UK. Our primary remit is to support the procurement of digital content for education and research and, in particular, to select and deliver high-quality e-resource collections to academics, students and librarians.

Jisc Collections is currently working on an initiative called “Enriched Playlists”. This project involves taking multimedia content (videos, images and audio) from Jisc Media Hub and making it available through an interface called BiblioBoard to the extent that it can be organised into subject specific playlists for use in higher education teaching, learning and research. We are in the process of commissioning a pilot for this project and are urgently seeking academics, researchers and final year PhD students specialising in history to create content. This would be a 3-4 day project and we will competitively compensate you for your time. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with then please contact Stephanie Bunyan asap.

College-wide Careers Events

More events and professional development sessions via the History Department are listed on the KCL Main Website here!


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