History Outreach: What We Do

The History Outreach Programme is an initiative that has been set up and developed purely by students to provide support for school age students across London. 

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The Programme has now been running for one year, and has so far worked with IntoUniversity to provide activity days for Pimlico Academy and Evelyn Grace Academy and has run mentoring sessions for sixth form students at Pimlico Academy and The Skinners’ Academy. 

Our Aim 
The primary aim of the Programme is to instil a sense of aspiration in students who have the ability to achieve, and to make them aware of the broad horizon of opportunities available to a history graduate. Our purpose is to support  pupils’ academic learning; to enrich them with the confidence to apply to university in spite of the boundaries that they may face. In short, the Outreach Programme has been set up to assist and to help.

The students who will take part in the programme will be those in year 13 and studying history.
• Historians at King’s shall travel to your school twice a month, whereupon they will lead an hour long seminar 
• Our King’s Historians will work in pairs and shall run sessions for up to 14 pupils. 
• Seminars are brilliantly flexible in terms of the topics covered. In schools worked with so far, they have ranged from essay writing skills to source analysis to medieval history. One of the greatest aspects of the Programme is the flexibility of our seminar topics- we will adapt to your needs.
• A secondary aspect of the seminar will involve discussion around the potential career a history graduate may pursue. 

All mentors will have received training from Teach First.

Interested in helping? Please contact mina.mitreva@kcl.ac.uk, or info@historyoutreach.co.uk

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