Academic and Career Events (2013)

TONIGHT: Tuesday, 12 November 2013, 4-6pm, Room S-1.08
‘The Female Body: Theory and Practice in the 1970s’:
By: Agnes Arnold-Foster, (‘The Changing Nineteenth Century: Feminism and Medical Historiography in the Second Wave’)
And: Cathryn Johnson, (’Feminism and Reproductive Rights in the 1970s: The Cairo Conference’)

OR: Interested in a legal career outside a conventional law firm? Make sure you attend the University of Law’s event, ‘Lawyering Beyond Law Firms’ to find out more! The event is taking place this Thursday (14th Nov) from 3-4pm in FWB 2.40

AND ON:  Friday, 6 December 2013, 3-5pm, Room K0.16, King’s Building. 

Seminar theme: ‘Smelly times: Creating and Using Scent in Historical Context’

By : William Tullett, ‘The Macaroni’s ‘Ambrosial Essences’: Perfume, Identity and Public Space in Eighteenth-century England.’
And : Galina Shyndriayeva, ’Modern sensibilities: materials and expertise in the early twentieth-century perfume industry.’


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